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The Initimate Lovers Review

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The Intimate lover
The Intimate lover

*Note: M18 For Mature Audiences Only
Release Date : 2005
Director: Kim Tae Eun
Writer: Yoon Chang Hoon

Seong Hyun Ah … Ms. Girl
Jo Dong Hyeok … Mr Boy

Reviewed By : Sildel

The Intimate is history about the Girl who is planning to marry her long-time boyfriend and she accepts a proposal from a stranger to spend one day with him. That day is the last day of the Boy in Korea, he will travel for Africa. In the moment when they meet, appear one stronger attraction among them. Then both to preserve of their lives and because of that they don’t speak them names or speak about them.

The moments of romantic interlude, the sex scenes are great, but you ”ll be surprised when you see how fast they have sexual relations. The Boy is very seductive, he try to conquer the Girl, but she keeps playing with him. There’s some moment she’ll contemplate about if she’ll give one chance a new relation with the boy or she’ll continue the comfortable and convenient relation which her boyfriend.

They tried to separate sex and love, but in the long of that day the emotions will changed and be more and more stronger. The question is this emotions will be stronger enough for them to change the course of their lives.

In the apex of the movie play the music “Lover- Hey”, I think the music is perfect for the film.
“I’ve been waiting. I’ve been searching for a beautiful one like you…. Please don’t walk away till I’m melted by a dream.
Don’t think I’m insane I just want to be… loved ”

I think everybody will appreciate the movie, it has some moments sad but it is so beautiful.

PS: Be careful with the actresses do nude scenes. If you don’t like so don’t watch it.

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